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TCOR Consulting Corporation, a Public Charity (now TCOR Theios Divinity), was created to enable Social Entrepreneurship by maximizing the resources as a non-profit entity. Social entrepreneurship is the attempt to draw upon business strategies to find solutions to social problems. In 2022 we expanded our structure to include religious organizations. Our mission is to facilitate solutions to the challenges causing barriers by increasing equity to those in need. Our objective is to develop and implement programs that effectively reduce disparities in housing, education, and health services.

To fulfill our mission, we seek funding to provide free services to participants for short-term or expandable projects or to fill gaps for self-sustaining research or long-term programs. Service projects are designed to be expandable for long-term use to facilitate changes over time. Research programs are always designed to become self-sustaining once proven successful for the target community. Collaboratives are sought for implementation, and lessons learned through research are readily shared with the nonprofit community. We seek to become a catalyst for change so that the information may be disseminated effectively – irrespective of social wealth. Our assignment is clear - be the cornerstone for change.

Dr. Robbie

(TCOR) Theios Divinity has at its core the purpose of “Dictating Equity for Life by Decreasing Disparities.” Holistically, our efforts are on growing the whole person or community by ensuring everyone has access on an equitable plane. Working with other agencies, we focus on development of programs to resolve current housing, education, wellness and business programs challenges for the people we serve. We expanded our reach to add those communities that value Spiritual growth while continuing to be positioned to work with everyone to realize an enhanced lifestyle. These are the precepts of the Christian doctrine.

Faith Journey
As Believers in Christ, our core values are Biblically based in love - which is universal. We believe that all have the right to hear the Gospel, but respect the free will given to all. Jesus tells us this in John 6:39: "And this is the will of him who sent me, that I shall lose none of all those he has given me, but raise them up at the last day. The Family of Faith is equally important to the success of the world and so our Call to Action cannot leave them out of the overall scenario for Equity in Life. We purposely avoid proselytization in projects & programs, so that all may receive service.

Working Together To Make The Difference.